Almost every day in the Wandering Moms Facebook Group, we see someone posting the following questions:

  • Where can I travel to right now?
  • What countries are open?
  • If I go to X country, will anything be open there?
  • What are the requirements for the countries that are letting us in?

These are all valid questions.

We aren’t addressing whether or not it’s ethical for people to travel right now. We’ve addressed that in a separate blog post. If folks are asking this question, they have already decided to travel and our hope is that they plan to travel responsibly.

We stumbled across an excellent website that provides comprehensive and detailed information about countries you can travel to, their requirements, whether their tourist attractions are open, whether restaurants are open, etc. It’s an interactive map that provides a number of COVID related data points on every country.

Check out our tutorial on it below:

Visit to try the interactive map out yourself!

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