Do you want to pack up your family and move abroad?

So many moms have a desire to expatriate with their kids but don’t know:

Where they should move to

How to plan an exodus from their home country

How to budget for a move abroad

What legal precautions they should take

How they will manage healthcare abroad

What they’ll do for work outside of the country

How they’ll maintain a sense of community living abroad

In this edition of the Wandering Moms [Virtual] Fest, we are getting together with some expat moms to answer your questions about moving abroad and to share tips on how you can plan your family’s exodus! 

We’re hosting 5 sessions: 

  • Planning Session: The Steps to Plan Your Family’s Exodus
  • Insight into Healthcare Abroad
  • Work Options Around the World
  • Legal Precautions: What You Need to Know About Visas and Travel Consent
  • Building A Community Abroad

And as a bonus, you can grab a copy of the Wandering Moms Exodus Guide: Plan Your Family’s Move Abroad!


We didn’t pack this Festival with big named influencers and internet celebs, we packed it with every day moms like YOU who have lived abroad with their families. 

Nothing against influencers, in fact we love travel influencers and internet celebs just as much as anyone else. But this time around, we wanted to bring to you some moms who are just like you and who happened to have been able to make their dream of living abroad a reality!

How to Plan A Move Abroad

Did you know that both of the Founders of Wandering Moms have expatriated with their kids for at least a year?

Tanai Benard-Turner moved her three children to the United Arab Emirates for three years while she taught in a UAE school.

Libryia Jones planned a year long trek around the world for her daughter and a group of 30 other people.

In this sessioon they’ll share with you:

How to select the country to move to

How to plan for it financially

What to do with all your stuff at home

…and the other major things you need to think about when planning out a move abroad

Legal Precautions: What You Need to Know About Passports, Visas, and Travel Consent

This one is super important ESPECIALLY for the single moms out there. 

Libryia Jones has traveled to over 15 countries with her daughter as a single mom and is all too familiar with the hoops a mom has to jump through to legally travel with her daughter without her daughter’s father. 

Channel Andrews is an Attorney teaching American Law in France and is very familiar with Family Law requirements as they relate to The Hague Convention. 

In this session we’ll talk about: 

How to make sure your family can legally enter a country (whether you’re a single parent or not)

What documents and consent you need to have to travel with your children as a single parent

What to do if you cannot get the consent you need

Work Options Around the World

WHEW! This panel is PACKED because we want you to know that there are so many options for you to work and support your family even if you don’t live in the US! 

We’ve got teachers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and moms who work abroad for US based companies on this panel. 

Tanai Benard lived abroad as a Teacher in the UAE. 

Karen Farr is also a Teacher living in Mexico.

Levia Davis is a Diplomat in the Foreign Service in Guatemala but has also worked abroad as an English Teacher and a Federal Contractor. 

Venus Kennedy is a Partner at Deloitte in Brazil. Deloitte is one of the Big 4 Consulting firms. 

Chinique Gordon is the Founder of FroFamily Travels and has developed 6 streams of income to support her family’s lifestyle!  

Healthcare for Families Abroad

As a mom, the health of our families is always top of mind. Naturally, we would want to know how we manage healthcare if we move abroad.

Libryia Jones spent a year managing healthcare information for a group of people across four countries and experienced it first hand having to spend some time in ERs in two different countries.

Carla Watkins gave birth to her daughter in Colombia and has been living there ever since. 

Nicole Ratliff has Spina Bifida, her son is Autistic and both her son and her daughter live with ADHD and they’ve lived in 3 different countries. 

Lisa Barber spent much of her pregnancy traveling across Southeast Asia and getting prenatal care during her travels across three different countries.

In this session, we’ll talk about:

Experiences with hospitals and doctors in different countries

The cost of healthcare around the world

Healthcare coverage considerations for your family

Building a Community Anywhere

As a mom, the health of our families is always top of mind. Naturally, we would want to know how we manage healthcare if we move abroad.

The first time Tanai Benard-Turner’s family used their passports was when they moved to the UAE!

Kimberly Miles has lived in Mexico for 2 years with her family. 

Imani Bashir has lived in Poland, Egypt, China, and Mexico with her husband and son.

Amoya Shante currently lives in Mexico with her children and built an amazing online community for single moms who travel. 

In this session we’ll talk about moms can help their children manage existing relationships with their friends and family  as well as build a village no matter where they are!


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