Effective January 26, 2021- the US requires a negative Covid test for entry into the United States. This new rule applies to all travelers ages two and up- including foreign visitors as well as US citizens and legal permanent residents. The official CDC order can be found here. Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions about this new policy impacting international travelers.

What kind of test is required?

The test must be a VIRAL test. Both PCR and antigen tests will be accepted.

When do I have to get tested?

The negative test must be taken WITHIN 72 HOURS of your arrival in the US. This means you will need to plan ahead to schedule a test in your location within 72 hours of your flight back to the US.

What if I’ve already had Covid?

If you have recovered from Covid in the last THREE MONTHS, you must provide documentation of your positive test AND a letter from your doctor stating that you are cleared to travel. The proof of positive test MUST be dated within three months of your re-entry into the US.

If you had a positive Covid test longer than three months ago, you must show proof of a negative test with 72 hours of arrival in the US.

Do I need a test if I’m flying in from a US territory?

No. The only exception to the negative test rule is for people flying to the US from a US territory.

If I’m a US citizen, will my insurance pay for my test?

You will be required to pay out of pocket for the cost of your test. It is recommended that you submit the receipts to your insurance company for possible reimbursement, but it is up to your insurance company to decide if they will reimburse or not. It is possible that some US based health insurance companies MAY reimburse for testing costs, but it is not a guarantee- so make sure you can cover the costs yourself.

Stay tuned to Wandering Moms as we bring you the latest updates on travel requirements in the USA!


US Requires Negative Covid Test for Entry Into USA

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