Unaccompanied Minor – The Process

Booking the flight

Call the airline to book (United allows this online)

  1. Give them the name, address, phone number of the person dropping off and picking up

Arriving at the Airport for Drop Off

  1. Arrive 2 hours early minimum
  2. Go to the gate and check-in
  3. Your child will receive their boarding pass and you’ll receive a gate pass
  4. You will be asked to review the documentation that includes the drop-off and pick up details and to sign the drop-off.  This will go with your child
  5. Proceed to the gate
  6. Let the gate agent know you have an unaccompanied minor
  7. They will typically board first and be introduced to the crew (maybe even the pilot!)
  8. You will need to remain at the gate until the aircraft has taken off
  9. Say a prayer, meditate, take a breath – whatever you have to do to stay calm!


Arriving at the Airport for Pick-up

  1. Arrive 1 hour before landing time, minimum
  2. Go to the gate and request a gate pass, you’ll need ID and the reservation #
  3. Proceed to the gate and let the gate agent know you’ve arrived
  4. When the flight has landed, unaccompanied minors typically get off the flight last
  5. The flight attendant will escort the child to the designated pick-up person
  6. The attendant will check their ID against the documentation
  7. They will be asked to sign the document
  8. The child will be released
  9. They better call you and let them know “the eagle has landed, target acquired”

Unaccompanied Minor Fees & Age Requirements

*Contact the airline to confirm the most up to date information

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