We’ve curated some incredible experiences and all you have to do is register and book your plane tickets! Payment plans are available for all of our trips.


Dates: April 16th – April 19th

Location: Breckenridge, CO

Time to ditch the kids and have some together time.  No day care drop offs or kids sports games to attend.  This is way more than a date night, it’s a whole date weekend! I know you need it!!


Dates: May 6th – May 11th

Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Hey mommas!! For Mother’s Day 2020, we are trading in our commute to school pick-ups and drop-offs for an over water commute on our very own chartered yachts!! Sounds way better than being stuck in traffic listening to Kidz Bop, am I right?

PUERTO RICO, WTF! (With The Fam!)

Dates: July 16th – 20th

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

What’s a family summer family vacation without a little fun in the sun accompanied by white sand and crystal blue water? No need to plan a memorable summer adventure, Wandering Moms has you covered. This summer,  join our Wandering Moms and their families as we make unforgettable memories in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Dates: Nov 21st – 29th

Location: Nairobi, Massai Mara, Mombasa, Kenya

You’ve already done the traditional Thanksgiving with the family coming over, stressing out over Thanksgiving dinner, and then having to clean your house when everyone leaves. It’s a new decade, why not celebrate Thanksgiving in an entirely new way in a new country, with new friends you’re sure to call family by the end of your trip! 


Dates: Dec 20th – Dec 28th

Location(s): Chiang Mai, Thailand; Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I don’t know about you but Wandering Moms is NOT dreaming of a white Christmas.  In fact, we’re dreaming of something far from it – a warm Christmas full of new experiences, amazing food, excitement, and wonder! Join us and create some new traditions this holiday season.

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