We aren’t just an online community! We host meet-ups, travel together, and get to know each other in real life.  Join us on one of our amazing experiences.

Upcoming Wandering Moms Trips:

QUEENING! Mother’s Day (sold out)

Dates: May 9th – May 13th

Location: Paris and Villers-Bocage, France

In 2018, we took a group of 20 moms to Costa Rica to be SPOILED! Spoiled isn’t even the word for our next Mother’s Day getaway.  We’ll be getting the royal treatment because….WE’RE GOING TO A CASTLE IN FRANCE!
**insert happy dance, high fives, bottle poppin, and heart racing**
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Apply Your Own Mask First! Momcation

Dates: Oct. 11th – 13th

Location: Baja, Mexico

Every once in awhile mom needs a breather. A moment or in this case 4 days to simply unplug, relax and rejuvenate without the normal day to day distraction. Yoga, surfing, beach, relaxation, dinner cruise and fellowship with other moms – NO KIDS ALLOWED may be JUST what you need to get back to taking care of you! 

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ThanksGOING! South Africa

Dates: Nov 23rd – Dec 1st

Location: Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa

This will be no ordinary Thanksgiving. There will be no undercooked turkey, no Aunties asking you “when you gonna get a man”, no schlepping to the movie theater after dinner, and more important, no dishes to wash!
We are headed to South Africa for 8 days of exploration, fun, food, and wonderful times with the Wandering Moms and their families!

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Stay tuned, additional trips to be announced:

  • SKIGiving Dates: Nov 23rd – 26th

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