Recently, Wandering Moms CoFounder, Libryia Jones and Wandering Mom Amoya Shante had the opportunity sit down with Kellee Edwards and Travel + Leisure to talk about what it’s like traveling as a single mom.

Kellee Edwards (@kelleesetgo), the Host of the Let’s Go Together Podcast is a certified badass and quite arguably The Most Interesting Woman in the World. Kellee is a licensed pilot and scuba diver and the first Black woman to host a show on The Travel Channel (she actually had TWO shows on The Travel Channel).

Amoya Shante (@amoyashante) is a mother of three girls currently living in Mexico. She is the Founder of Single Moms DO where she helps single moms transform their mindsets and say YES to creating a life of freedom and joy. Amoya has been traveling as a single mom for years with her girls and doesn’t intend to stop any time soon.

Libryia Jones (@wanderwomaninc) has one daughter who she took to travel the world for an entire year! She started Wandering Moms along with Tanai Benard to create a community that dispells the myth that once we have children, we’re grounded.

During the session the three talked about:

  • How Amoya and Libryia started traveling
  • Why we started travel communities for moms
  • The toughest thing about traveling as a single mom
  • How the kids feel about traveling and living abroad
  • Judgement from other people
  • How our families feel about our travel habits
  • The best time to start traveling or to move abroad with kids

A few highlighted quotes from the episode:

  • Not one of us gets to live without fear. Not one of us. Being fearless isn’t being without fear, it’s having the fear and doing it anyway.
  • What I’ve found is that people fear what they don’t understand. I realize that the people judging me just don’t get how it can be done, they haven’t found answers to their own questions yet.
  • There are challenges that exist as a single mom living in the same house on the same block in the same city for your whole life and never going anywhere. Single mom challenges exist, period. You may as well have them AND some dope vacations.

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