Are You Ready To Travel MORE?

Moms who want to travel more often ask us these questions:

How do I find great travel deals?

What are the best credit cards for earning points towards FREE travel?

How do I plan trips for my large family?

How do I fill out my passport application?

Should I use a travel agent? 

What is it like to travel in an RV full time?

How can I visit exotic destinations like Antarctica?


In this edition of the Wandering Moms Virtual TRAVEL UNIVERSITY, we’re going to cover all these questions with fantastic sessions, workshops, and panels!

We’re hosting 5 sessions: 

  • Travel Hacks: How to Scores Amazing Travel Deals
  • Points Pimpin’: How to Score FREE Travel using Credit Card Points and Rewards Programs
  • Travel Therapy: How to Overcome Travel Anxiety
  • Woah Mama: How to Plan Trips for Large Families (5+)
  • Life on the Road: Full Time RV Travel

Plus we have an amazing WORKSHOP and Travel Agent Panel scheduled:

  • Passport Application Workshop- We’ll walk you through filling out your passport application!
  • Travel Agent Question and Answer Panel- Ever had a question for a travel agent? Get it answered by our panel of amazing experts!


Everyone who registers will receive a FREE  Smart Travel Kit from iFly plus a 15% iFly discount code.  In addition, one lucky participant will win a THREE PIECE LUGGAGE set from iFly!

We’ve got top travel experts teaching our Travel University Courses!

How to Score Amazing Travel Deals

Ever wonder how people can afford to travel so much? 

It’s all about scoring amazing travel deals mama! 

We’re here to help you learn how to find affordable airfare, discount hotels and much, much more! 

Wandering Moms Co-Founders Libryia Jones and Tanai Benard have traveled and lived all over the globe with their children and families- and they’re experts at finding the hottest travel deals on the Internet. 

They’ve been helping our community of 21,000+ Wandering Moms find amazing deals and discounts for years-  and now they’re ready to help YOU!

Come learn all their tips and tricks for finding great deals that will allow you to travel more!


Points Pimpin’: How to Score FREE Travel Using Credit Card Points

Want to learn how to pimp those credit card points and travel on the low?

There’s a Travel University course just for that!

Using credit card and loyalty points has become the ultimate travel hack for our Points Pimpin experts. 

Join our Wandering Moms experts as they share the tips and tricks they use to maximize their credit card and loyalty points to fund their dream family vacations, share the best travel credit cards you should have and much more!


 Travel Therapy: Overcoming Travel Anxiety



If any aspect of travel makes you anxious, this is the Travel University course for you! 

Whether you find travel planning overwhelming, you or your kids are anxious about flying, or you’ve held off on booking that trip to a new country because you’re paralyzed with fear- we’ve got a mental health expert here to coach you through your travel anxieties. 

Sherlonda Adkins is a Physician Assistant specializing in Psychiatry and she’s here to help you understand and overcome those worries that may be preventing you from booking that flight or taking that trip of a lifetime.

Come learn tips and tricks for calming your fears and overcoming your travel anxiety so you can get out and explore the world!

Living on the Road: Full Time RV Travel

Have you ever dreamed about taking the ultimate road trip? 

Well go pack those bags because it’s time to hit the open road! 

In this Travel University course, we’ll be learning all about life on the road with full time RV travel. 

Come learn how to plan and prepare for full time RV travel, plus hear our expert share the amazing things her family has experienced over the course of 3 years on the road!

Having covered over 33,000 miles, 47 states and 26 national parks- Michelle will give us a glimpse into the life of an amazing full time RV family!


Woah Mama: How to Plan Travel for Large Families (5+)

Having a big family means lots of hugs, kisses and love to last a lifetime.

But let’s be honest, having a large family can sometimes make planning a vacation a total headache.

For some, just trying to figure out how to financially pull it off big family travel can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, Travel University has you covered!

Our panel of mamas knows exactly how you feel and they are ready to share their expert travel tips with you to help you pull and ease the anxiety of your next domestic or international vacay with your big family. 

Successful completion of this Travel University course will earn you a certificate in “kids pack your bags momma has planned a vacay for ALL OF US!

Passport Application Workshop

Filling out a passport application can be a daunting task!

Join us for our Passport Application Workshop where we’ll walk you through the process step by step!

We’ll provide links for all the forms you’ll need to apply for your US passport.  Download them before the session and we’ll help you fill out your application line by line!

We’ll also be covering what documentation you’ll need to accompany your application so you have everything you need!

We’ll help you handle tricky situations with children’s passports  such as an absent parent, a parent who may not want to sign a child’s passport application or a parent who cannot be present for the appointment.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be ready to snag that passport and head out on your first international trip!

Travel Agent Q&A Panel

Ever wonder what the benefits are of hiring a professional travel agent to plan and book your next big adventure?


Join our travel agent panel to learn all about what travel agents can offer!


Our expert travel agents specialize in individual, family, group and luxury travel planning and they’re here to share all the benefits of booking through a travel agent.


We’ll also have a question and answer session where you can ask our experts all the things you’ve been dying to know about using a travel agent!



General Admission- $20

                                                General Admission ticket grants you access to our live event on Saturday July 17th from 12:30pm – 6:30pm EST!

Full Experience Ticket- $35

                                                General Admission ticket grants you access to our live event on Saturday July 17th from 12:30pm – 6:30pm EST

                                                 PLUS you will have access to replay videos of ALL sessions that can be accessed anytime after our live event!




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