A guest blog written by Lynn Thomas, Co-owner, Cheurlin Champagne

As I reflect on motherhood, I begin to see it as one of the greatest journeys that we as women can ever travel on. It is filled with so many breathtaking moments that are celebrated quite naturally, and yet so many of the real challenges on our journey are those that are, quite frankly, never spoken about. Those moments are really our “champagne moments” that should be toasted.

As mothers, we should take the time to acknowledge and toast ourselves because we all have our own way of traveling down our unique paths and yet at the same time, there are so many of the same roads that we each travel on. As I began to think of my journey as a mother and all the wonderful mothers that I have met along my way, these are the “champagne moments” where we should take the time to celebrate ourselves. This is your moment! Toast yourself…because #YouEarnedIt

1. You Are Going To Be a Mom!

Pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, stepmom, foster mom. Whichever way you become a mom- it is worth a toast!

Pregnant moms, sorry… let someone toast you, and they can drink the champagne. Here is to the many months that you take care of yourself and your baby pre-birth. From the moment that you received the positive test result,to your first doctor’s appointment, you have already become a mom.

2. New Moms

Every new mother should take the time to toast herself. It is the only job that you get without a training manual. Every day is full of new discoveries about yourself and your beautiful baby/child. Learning what each cry or smile means is the language that only a mother and child can share. Be ready to say cheers to your good days when you get everything right, but also cheers to those days when you do not, for these days are the firsts of many ahead.

3. Carpool Moms

Celebrate these days because these are the days where you are really building the bond with your child. Some of your most important conversations with your child will take place in your car while driving from one place to another. These are the busy days filled with homework, sports, lessons, sleepovers, family dinners, and everything else in between. These are busy days, and you will need to take the time to toast yourself!

4. Moms of Teenagers

Everyday do not forget to celebrate the good times because these can be trying times… this is all a part of your journey. You are courageous. “Double Toast!”

5. Empty Nest Moms

When your kids leave for college or move out for the first time, celebrate because this is what you were raising them to do. They are off to conquer the world on their own, and that is to be celebrated. Do not worry.They will still always need their mother, and that is a reason to toast a “job well done!”

6. Bounce Back Moms

During the pandemic, many moms have experienced this phenomenon–grown children returning to the nest. This is one of the most challenging times for mothers. Our children are back in the nest, but everything has changed. Take the time to make new memories and strengthen your relationships. Always remember, this too shall pass!

7. Single Moms

No mom deserves to celebrate herself more than a single mother! Ladies, you are doing it all every day. No rest for the weary! Always try to take some time to celebrate yourself. You are the real deal.

8. Step-Moms

You might never get the credit you deserve. We toast you for being a mother to children you did not birth but you love them as though you did. This is your journey of motherhood too.

9. Moms Who Have Lost Children

You know a pain that is indescribable to the human mind. Yet, you still find a way to encourage yourself no matter how you feel. You wake up every day with a void that cannot be filled, but you keep on because you know your child would want you to. You are the ultimate “shero”– a woman of notable strength and resilience. Toast to your child spiritually walking with you as you journey through life. You are not alone.

10. Grandma!

The end of one journey is the beginning of a new one! Celebrate this one because it is said to be the icing on the cake! We are all looking to you to help show us the way. We honor and celebrate you. Cheers!

No matter what the occasion is or whatever life throws at you, you deserve these moments and more to celebrate YOU! A Cheurlin toast to all moms. We must support each other. It takes a village. You are all doing your best… #YouEarnedIt

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Lynn Thomas co-owns Cheurlin Champagne with her husband, NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas. She holds being a loving wife and mother as her highest honor. Lynn is an accomplished philanthropist and champagne & travel enthusiast.

Mrs. Lynn Thomas
Lynne Thomas, co-owner of
Cheurlin Champagne

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