What is a Momcation?

A Momcation is a temporary escape from the non-stop demands of motherhood. It’s the weekend (or sometimes week long!) version of hiding in the bathroom and eating ice cream just to momentarily escape the chaos of a house full of kids and all the responsibilities that come with keeping said kids alive! We’ve all longed for a break- a real break- from momming day after day after day. And this is where the Momcation comes to the rescue! Whether you rent a hotel room in your hometown for a night, escape to another city for the weekend or travel to a tropical island half way around the world for a week- if you get to escape from your daily duties as Mom, then it’s a MOMCATION!

Many moms actually prefer to enjoy a Momcation entirely on their own. After being responsible for tiny humans every waking moment of every single day- sometimes it’s nice to be responsible for literally no one other than yourself. Traveling solo means mama isn’t in charge of anyone else and being totally alone can be such a freeing experience.

Other moms may want more of a “Girls Weekend” for their Momcation. Enjoying a weekend with your bestie or a small group of friends can be both relaxing and re-energizing at the same time! Just remember- no kids and no partners. It’s only a Momcation if you leave all those responsibilities behind!

If you’re ready to take a break from mothering, we’ll help you figure out just what kind of escape you need to rest and recharge your batteries! Let’s take a look at some popular types of Momcation getaways and see what sounds best for you!

The Hotel Getaway

Listen mama. Life is complicated enough. Your Momcation shouldn’t make things feel more complicated! Book a swanky hotel room downtown. Head to the hot tub or sauna before getting a massage and a facial. After your spa day- put your robe on, order room service and lay in bed watching movies. Go to bed as early as you want and sleep as late as you want. There’s no one there to wake you up at 2am! Order yourself a nice breakfast, drink your coffee in total peace and quiet and once you’re rested and recharged you can head back home as if you were a new woman!

The Girlfriend Getaway

If you’re not down with traveling alone, grab a girlfriend or two and plan a girls weekend! A girls weekend can be packed full of activities like dancing and concerts, or you can plan a lazy weekend of spa treatments and poolside drinks. You might want to stay right in town or find a new place to explore a few hours away. Book a hotel suite where you can all hang out together. Find a great restaurant or a rooftop bar for dinner then schedule a full spa day or a day to lounge by the pool! A shopping trip is also a great way to unwind with your girlfriends- but this is shopping for mama only!! Treat yourself to something nice for once!

The Yoga Retreat

A weekend yoga retreat is a perfect way to escape the daily chaos of momming! There are so many unique yoga retreats across the US that allow you to focus on slowing down and becoming more mindful of your thoughts and actions. You can find some truly unique yoga retreats on farms, ranches, even at wineries! There are yoga retreats that focus on fitness, nature, music, and health foods- so whatever your vibe, there’s a weekend retreat for you! Yovada offers a great collection of weekend yoga retreats for your next Momcation.

If you’re looking for a truly relaxing yoga retreat, there are numerous week long retreats all around the world. If you are one of the lucky moms who can escape from the family for an entire week- these retreats sound absolutely glorious! You can combined your love of travel with your need to get away from the kids for a bit with any of these luxury yoga retreats recommended by Travel & Leisure! You’re sure to return home with a new level of emotional wellness!

The Luxury Momcation

Many hotels and resorts are now catering to the Momcation crowd. They are offering Momcation packages that include champagne and chocolate, spa credits, bath bombs and luxurious bath robes! Book a flight to California’s Napa Valley where the Archer Hotel offers a “Mom’s Wine Country Getaway” package complete with homemade candies, a special bathrobe and slippers, a $20 drink and dine credit, a complimentary bottle of house white, rosé, or red plus a late check-out at 1pm so you can rest just a little longer before returning home! The Equinox Hotel in NYC offers a Momcation package that comes with a “Trip of Techno-Therapy Spa Treatments” including cryotherapy, infrared sauna and wave table treatment as we well as a $100 dining credit for their Electric Lemon Restaurant or in-room dining. With so many hotels and resorts picking up on the concept of a Momcation- you’re sure to find packages designed to help you relax wherever you’d like to escape to!

The Wandering Moms Momcation

Now if you want an action packed Momcation where you’ll be treated like a queen- you’re already in the right place! Wandering Moms plans multiple moms-only trips each year where we’ll whisk you away to somewhere beautiful! Our moms-only trips often include private chefs or cooking lessons, unique sightseeing and activities, and most importantly- time to focus on yourself!

Coming up later this year in 2021, we have our Yacht Mama trip- a six day tropical getaway to the British Virgin Islands where we’ll be sailing away into the sunset on private yachts! Next year, we’re bringing back our uber-popular Mother’s Day trip and this time we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in Cape Town, South Africa with seven days of moms-only pampering in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Be sure to check out trip details linked above- we’d love to have you join us on our Wandering Moms Momcation trips!!


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