It’s International Women’s Month and we here at Wandering Moms are celebrating with a series of posts on our “Mom Goals”. In this post we’re taking a closer look at our 13 favorite female family travel bloggers. Being a mom is a tough job. Being a mom brave enough to travel with a whole tribe of little ones is amazing. But being a mom who is brave enough to travel with a whole tribe of little ones AND take the time to document it all?! Incredible! So let’s take a look at some of our favorite female family travel bloggers. Whether you travel as a single parent, a parent of color, or even as a parent who is differently-abled, we’ve got some seriously inspiring moms on our list!

Our Favorite Female Family Travel Bloggers

The Mom Trotter

Blog: The Mom Trotter

What We Love: We’re starting our list of travel blogging mamas with Karen, who writes The Mom Trotter. When we’re talking travel blogger #momgoals Karen is at the top of our list. Why? Because she has not one, but two amazing travel blogs! The Mom Trotter covers world travel, RV travel, homeschooling and gentle parenting tips. She also writes Black Kids Do Travel with her husband and son, which she started when her son asked, “Mom, where are all the brown people like us?” while traveling. Black Kids Do Travel has created a community of Black travel families that encourages and inspires families to see the world! Karen is homeschooling her son while traveling the US in an RV right now, while continuing to run these two inspiring travel blogs… now that’s impressive!

The Wanderlust Crew

Blog: Wanderlust Crew

What We Love: The Wanderlust Crew is written by Vanessa as she and her husband travel with and world-school their four kids. Their blog covers travel destination all over the world, including detailed city guides for popular family destinations. They also cover a wide range of travel tips including ways to save money and ways to travel more ethically and responsibly- which are all things we stand behind. But our favorite part of the Wanderlust Crew blog? The world-schooling tips! Vanessa provides great information on educating kids while exploring the world! World-schooling is often intimidating to those just starting out, so this blog is a fantastic resource for helping new travel families to build up the confidence needed to bust out of the four walls of a traditional classroom and take learning on the go!

Mumpack Travel

Blog: Mumpack Travel

What We Love: Evie is a badass single mama traveling the world with her daughter! While the internet is full of amazing family travel blogs, we love that Mumpack Travel is a single parent travel blog, proving that single parents CAN indeed travel the world with their kids! Their blog primarily focuses on travel through Asia but also delivers some awesome tips on family travel. We also love that her daughter will give her own perspective on the blog as well! So if you’re a single mama who wants to travel more, be sure to check out Mumpack Travel for the inspiration and confidence you’ll need to take on the world!

Amoya Shante

Blog: Amoya Shante

What We Love: Amoya is another single mom who is traveling the world with her three kids and is inspiring other single parents to take the leap into long-term travel! Amoya and her kids traveled full time for a year and a half, road tripping the entire US, living in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Italy and Albania- where they ended up settling for awhile before relocating to Mexico. Her blog covers full time travel as well as living abroad as a single mama and she runs a group for single mamas to help educated and inspire others to get out and see the world with their kids!

No Back Home

Blog: No Back Home

What We Love: Karilyn is a traveling outdoor enthusiast and her adorable son wants to grow up to be a park ranger! Their blog, No Back Home, covers all corners of the world with a special focus on outdoor activities for kids and families- which we absolutely love. In our current travel climate, more and more people are turning to outdoor activities and No Back Home has endless inspiration. If their blog isn’t enough inspiration enough, be sure to check out their Instagram- it will have you packing your bags and heading out into nature in a snap!

Oneika the Traveller

Blog: Oneika the Traveller

What We Love: Oneika is a multilingual travel guru who has been to 115 countries on 6 continents. In addition to her incredible blog, she also hosts two Travel Channel shows and is an on-air travel correspondent for NBC and and CTV Canada. She has two truly unique sections of her blog that bring a strong, refreshing voice to the family travel community. In her Opinion section, Okeika touches on a lot of topics that many bloggers shy away from- but we are here for her thoughts! She also writes a Travelling While Black section with a lot of rich content that helps educate us all while inspiring other people of color to get out and see the world!

The Bucket List Family

Blog: The Bucket List Family

What We Love: Jessica and her family have been traveling the world since 2015. They started with two kids in tow and added a third along the way- and the kid’s bios on their site are simply adorable. If you’re trying to set #momgoals in the world of travel- Jessica is your go to mama. The Bucket List family spent three years traveling full time, visiting 65 countries with their young children, before settling down in Hawaii. It’s clear that the their children are the focus of their travels and they’ve hit some off the beaten path locations with young kids and documented it all so as to help others do the same. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to raise adventurous kiddos- look no farther than the Bucket List Family!

Local Passport Family

Blog: Local Passport Family

What We Love: What do we love about Local Passport Family? Everything. That’s because it covers literally everything. Preethi is a rock star mama who does it all. Travel with a big family? Check. See the whole wide world? Check. Traverse the US in an RV? Check! Homeschool while traveling? Check! Advocate for human rights while homeschooling five kids while traveling the world? You guessed it… check! If that isn’t inspiring, we don’t know what is!

Tribe on a Quest

Blog: Tribe on a Quest

What We Love: A lot of family travel blogs can look the same and share a lot of experiences similar to those you’ll find on other family travel blogs. But NOT Tribe on a Quest. Marquita started her blog because there simply weren’t families like hers represented in the travel blogging community. Marquita writes as Queer Black traveler with a child on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Wow. Just wow. We absolutely love that Marquita hasn’t let ASD and the unique challenge it presents get in the way of showing her kids the world. She is a fantastic resource for others who want to travel with neurodiverse kiddos!

Tackle ‘N Travel

Blog: Tackle ‘N Travel

What We Love: Tackle ‘N Travel is written by Annie and it focuses on a truly unique combination of topics including world travel, disability travel and fishing. Annie suffered from Polio as a child and the disabling effects of the disease limit her mobility- but that hasn’t stopped her from homeschooling her two kids while showing them the whole wide world! Annie doesn’t let her limitations limit her or her kids in any way. She breaks through barriers left and right to go where ever she and her family wants to go- and then she shares their adventures on their blog to help inspire others to do the same!

Wanderlust and Wet Wipes

Blog: Wanderlust and Wet Wipes

What We Love: What’s NOT to love about a blog named Wanderlust and Wet Wipes?! It basically encompasses the entire spirit of a traveling mama. Their family of four travels the world, covering everywhere from England to Asia, and is an expat family on their third assignment outside of their home base in the US. These kiddos are up for all kinds of adventures!

The Traveling Child

Blog: The Traveling Child

What We Love: There’s a lot to love about Monet, who travels the world with her husband and two kids. First is her awesome motto… “If kids live there, kids can visit!” We absolutely love this mentality. Many people think there are only certain places you should travel with kids, but Monet is spot on with her travel motto! We also love that Monet works full time and still manages to show her kids the world on holidays. Many families get discouraged when all they read about are full-time travel families because let’s be honest- that’s not realistic for a lot of people. But Monet will show you that it’s entirely possible to give your kids the world while still working a 9-5 job!

Wonders Within Reach

Blog: Wonders Within Reach

What We Love: We’re finishing up our list of our favorite female family travel bloggers with Jennifer of Wonders Within Reach. Jennifer travels with her three kids, one of whom has Spina Bifida and uses various mobility devices for independence. Together they travel, documenting accessible travel everywhere they go. Her blog features invaluable resources for accessible travel and special needs families. Jennifer documents how being differently-abled changes the way they travel, but it clearly doesn’t limit them at all. In fact- this family has done it all! And Jennifer’s humor (she shares that her full time job is in Chaos Management!) is simply delightful!


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