We’re celebrating love this week at Wandering Moms- and what better way to celebrate than to highlight some of our moms who found love through travel. We met up with Wandering Moms Jenia and Briggitta to hear about how their love of travel led them to the loves of their lives!

Moms Who Found Love Through Travel

Jenia and Shon

While Jenia and Shon technically met online first, they first connected in person while they were both traveling in Prague. Jenia was in a tour of the Czech Republic and Poland and Shon was backpacking through Europe. They decided to meet up in Prague- a city that has an old romantic charm- though neither expected the visit to become romantic!

But Prague worked it’s magic and after 5 days of walking the old cobblestone streets together, they both knew they’d fallen for each other! At the end of their time in Prague, they both had to return home. Shon returned home to the US and Jenia back to Russia. Both knew it wasn’t over and they needed to see each other again!

Where did this love story that started in Prague end up? Not only did they end up seeing each other again, Jenia and Shon married in 2007! They have two beautiful children together and they are all avid world travelers! They’ve lived in four different countries and traveled to over 40. They returned to the beautiful and romantic city of Prague in the winter of 2014, a little over 10 years after they fell in love there! They can’t wait to return to Prague once again in 2024 to celebrate the city where their traveling love story started!

Jenia and Shon
Jenia and Shon fell in love in Prague!

Briggitta and Will

When Briggitta and Will each took off on their own individual adventures to teach English in South Korea, they didn’t imagine they’d fall in love while traveling. But that’s exactly what happened!

Briggitta is South African and Will is American. Briggitta was on a date with another guy whose band was playing in a bar. When Will came in with some friends from South Africa, Briggitta got to chatting with them. It turned out that while Will wasn’t South African, he had done a semester abroad at Briggitta’s university! They had a couple of mutual friends and Briggitta, who admits she was a little tipsy and very sassy, gave him all sorts of grief about being a typical American exchange student who probably couldn’t even sing the South African National Anthem. But he shot her down and sang the whole thing! Briggitta was impressed!

Was it love at first sight? Briggitta said there was definitely something there that first night! They were both intrigued and worked pretty hard at seeing each other again.

What happened next?! Will had just moved to Korea while Briggitta had been there a while. They dated from the summer of 2010 until his contract ended before Briggitta’s. They to ask themselves, rather quickly, where things were going. Briggitta stayed on in Korea while Will left to travel China and do a course in Poland. Then Will went back to the States. For almost four months they dated long distance before finally reuniting in the States. Briggitta met Will’s family and then they left together and moved to Hanoi!

Where are they now? Briggitta and Will got engaged in 2012 while living together in Hanoi, then got married in January 2014 in South Africa, with Will’s family flying to South Africa over for their first international experience. They moved to the States in 2014 and started a family. They now live in Indiana and have two kiddos. Their five year old has been to South Africa three times already and they also have a six month old. Briggitta and Will are eager for the pandemic to end so they can get their little one on her first flight! It’s only fitting that two people who met while traveling are passing on their love of travel to their children!!

Thank you Jenia and Briggitta for sharing your stories as moms who found love through travel! We absolutely love that neither of you have given up your passion for traveling and that you’re both showing your children the world!!!

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