For years, Wandering Moms has taken the strict position that Mother’s Day should be spent SANS KIDS. After all, we spend 364 days a year doing one of the toughest jobs on the planet, the one day set aside to celebrate our efforts should not be spent STILL DOING THE JOB.

It’s gospel for us – THOU SHALT NOT MOM ON MOTHER’S DAY!

And we do more than just preach the gospel, we live it. Every year, we plan an amazing experience to whisk moms away from their day to day lives and to celebrate themselves as women first and also as moms.  In 2018, we spent our Mother’s Day in Costa Rica. In 2019, we rented a castle in France!

This trip has become something truly special and many of our guests return year after year.

This year, Mother’s Day is pretty much a wash for that. Not only is Wandering Moms having to cancel our annual (and much anticipated) trip but many of our mommas across the world are going to spend their Mother’s Day stuck at home…WITH THEIR KIDS! **gasp**

As moms, we are experts at making lemonade from lemons and I’m confident we can figure out a way to make this Mother’s Day everything we want and need. Here are a few ways to carve out the right kind of break for our moms on Mother’s Day.


Being stuck in the house with a bunch of kids for any number of days could drive anyone crazy under normal circumstances. AND WE AREN’T UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.  Many of us are now having to juggle three jobs at once – mom, homeschool teacher, and remote employee.

Layer on top of that being basically stuck within the confines of your home devoid of lunches with friends, playdates, date nights or any other reason to get out into the world and interact with other humans, and it’s a recipe for turning your loving home into an insane asylum of sorts.

I know I’m tired of looking at my house. I feel like I’m living in the movie Groundhogs Day. Even sitting in my room listening to music, which once gave me a sense of calm and balance, as become a source of anxiety. So I’m GETTING OUT!

I found myself a nice quiet tiny house in Atlanta, roughly 30 mins from my current home. My plan for Mother’s Day is to make sure my daughter has everything she needs to survive without me for a few days and quarantine in this adorable domicile – fresh surroundings, peace and quiet, and time with nobody but me. Mommas I cannot WAIT!

You may be able to find an AirBnB nearby and reach out to the owner to confirm that they are taking the necessary precautions to keep their place clean and sanitary. Ask when they last had guests and also plan to do your own disinfecting when you arrive just to make extra sure. 

You can also ask for discounts. IN the current times, many AirBnB hosts are being flexible about the cost of their properties to entice people to book. 

Go ahead momma, get out of the house and away from your kids!


Ok, if you can’t get out of the house You can still carve out some time and space for yourself. Tell everyone in the house that you need the day off from Momming. Identify a part of the house that is completely off limits for the day and sequester yourself there.

Make sure you as well as the kids have everything needed the night before – meals already prepped and ready, a schedule for the kiddos, toys and activities easily accessible. 

Then on Mother’s Day, just sequester and do exactly whatever you want to do.  Catch up on your shows. Sleep in and have extended dreams about Idris Elba. Do a facial. Do your nails. Watch make-up tutorials on YT. Read a book. And only come out of the room when you feel like it. 

You don’t have to do this all day if it’s unrealistic. I know this could be tough for mommas with really small kids or new babies. 


I don’t mean that literally unless that’s something you’re into.  What I mean is, get out of the house for a few hours. Just  hop into your car and dip out for a bit.

Go for a long scenic drive and blast the music you used to listen to in high school. Phone a friend you haven’t talked to in a while and have a a long uninterrupted conversation. Post up in a parking lot and have a car picnic and scarf down your favorite guilty foods without anyone asking you to share them and read an audiobook, or take a car nap (I personally LOVE car naps) or see if there’s a drive thru movie theater open!


I urge you to take at least a few hours for yourself on Mother’s Day. It’s so important that we take time to replenish our own emotional and mental tanks. We deserve to give ourselves our very best so that we can give others our very best. I always say, happy women make the best moms.

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