Minor International Travel Consent

Minor International Travel Consent

• What is a Child Travel Consent Form?

A notarized Child Travel Consent allows minors to travel without one or both of their parent(s) or legal guardians being present.

• Do I Need a Child Travel Consent Form?

Yes, for most circumstances especially for single parent international travel. You may never be asked for it, however, it is important to have it available during all international travel with a minor. The consent form must be updated regularly.



I,                                   , of ________________________ declare that I am the lawful parent of _____________________________ (“child) born on Date of Birth in City, State, Country     

My child,                            , is traveling internationally with,                                 (“mother/custodial parent”) of                                          during the time period beginning                                 through                                          


During this period, my child will specifically be living with her mother/custodial parent for three months at a time in each of the below countries:




During this period, I also grant permission for my child to travel to any country as deemed fit by her mother/custodial parent.






Printed Name







State of ____________________________


County of __________________________


This document was signed before me on _________________


By ___________________________________



Notary Signature

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