We know many families are still planning to stay safe at home this Spring Break- but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some Spring Break fun! We’ve compiled a list of 10 kid-friendly staycation ideas so that you can plan something fun and exciting for the whole family without leaving your hometown!

10 Kid-Friendly Staycation Ideas

Set Up Camp

After being cooped up inside all winter, nothing says spring like getting outside- or at least pretending to! If it’s warm enough, set up camp in your backyard and go camping. Pop a tent, haul the sleeping bags outside, and put some beach towels on the grass so you can read books or play games outside. If it’s still too cold, set up camp inside! Don’t have a tent? No worries- we’ve got you covered! Gather all your blankets for an epic blanket fort! Splurge on a couple of strings of fairy lights to make your fort feel extra special. You can roast marshmallows over the stove and make s’more for a perfect camp-out treat!

Have a Spa Day

It’s time to relax- and that means it’s time for a spa day! Put some essential oils in your diffuser and play some soothing music to set a relaxing mood. Prepare a pitcher of water with fresh fruit in it- try lemons, mint, pineapple or even watermelon for a little splash of fancy flavor. Set up facials complete with cucumber slices on your eyes, paint your nails, and end your spa day with a warm bubble bath for the kids!

Go On a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great staycation idea because it can be done right inside your home or out on the town. Whether you’re staying in or need to venture out- set up a series of clues to help your kids find a list of special items. Inside, you can have them hunt for regular every day items or you can hide things around the house and lead the kids to the new treasures with clues. If you’re going out on the town, pick a good walking location and create clues to point your kids towards certain places. If you’re wanting to fill an entire afternoon and you’re willing to drive the kids around, create a larger scale scavenger hunt that takes them all around town! If you can, end your hometown treasure hunt at a bakery or ice cream shop for a sweet treat!

Play Top Chef Junior

Everyone loves a good contest- so how about a cooking contest?! Give the kids a basket of food items and see what they can create for dinner! Older kids can do this on their own while little ones might need to team up with a parent or older sibling- but even younger kids will have tons of fun being creative with their food! And the big bonus- you don’t have to cook dinner mama!!

Host the Backyard Olympics

Still feeling competitive? Set up the backyard Olympics! Get everyone moving by setting up an obstacle course or series of physical challenges outside. Grab all sorts of odds and ends for the kids to set up with things to jump over or weave through and see what fun they can come up with. You can also set up fun challenges like crossing the backyard with an egg on a spoon or shaking table tennis balls out of a Kleenex box strapped to your back and see who in the family reigns supreme! Let younger kids make homemade medals or trophies to be handed out as awards.

Plan a Themed Dinner

Bummed you can’t travel anywhere for Spring Break this year? Let the kids pick a location or a theme and set up a whole night around that theme. Wishing you were in Italy? Decorate the dining room, set up make-your-own pizza stations and watch a movie set in Italy! Missing the beach? Go for a beach themed evening with beach balls, beach towels, and something on the barbecue for dinner. Finish with a beach themed movie and ice cream cones. Don’t be afraid to go all out with decorations and outfits- everyone can really get creative here!

Put on a Talent Show

Let the kids wow you with their special talents- but parents have to get in on the fun too! Spend the afternoon working on your acts, then create a stage somewhere in the house or back yard and put on an evening show!

Be a Tourist In Your Own City

Sometimes we get so focused on traveling to other places we forget that others travel to OUR city to see the sights! Think about what a tourist would do in your town- there are likely places right near home that you rarely visit. But now’s the time! Local museums, art galleries and parks are a great place to start. Maybe end the night by picking out a fancy restaurant you wouldn’t normally go to- but you’re tourists tonight so it’s worth a splurge!

Have a Board Game Tournament

Bust out all the board games for a family board game tournament. The Game of Life, Sorry!, Battleship, Monopoly, checkers- whatever you’ve got on hand is great! Set up brackets for each game and see who ends up as the family board game champion! A special twist to help keep the kids busy for the day- let them spend the day making their OWN board game, then get together in the evening so they can teach everyone how to play!

Watch a Movie Marathon

Set up some fun snack stations with popcorn, candy and drinks. You can really get creative here to make this feel more like going to a theater than just watching something at home. Etsy offers fun templates you can download and print out to really create a fun space for your movie night! Let the kids make tickets for each movie. You can even make some trophies if you want to hold your own Oscar night and give out awards at the end! If you’re going for an Oscars theme- set up a red carpet where each kid can walk out to announce their movie selection for the night! Dress up in your finest pajamas of course!


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