Travel insurance coverage is not the most straight forward part of the planning process. With so many companies out there with so many different rules about what they cover, what they don’t, when you have to purchase it can be very confusing and frustrating. We have a number of resources on insurance for traveling moms. Here, we want to answer the questions we’ve seen regarding what’s covered through your credit card and when it makes sense to buy a separate policy. Is travel coverage with your credit card enough?

Travel Protections Covered By Credit Cards

What must be noted here is that not all credit cards offer travel coverage. And even for the cards that do offer it, there are levels of coverage offered and the most comprehensive covered is offered by the most prestigious cards. It’s important that you review your credit card benefits to find out what is covered. In general, the following **may** be covered with your credit card:

  • Baggage delays
  • Lost baggage
  • Trip delays
  • Trip cancellation
  • Medical evacuation
  • Travel accident
  • Emergency medical and dental
  • Auto rentals
  • Roadside assistance

We love The Points Guy’s Breakdown of the Best Travel Credit Cards

So Why Do I Need A Separate Travel Insurance Policy?

What’s covered with a credit card seems pretty comprehensive right? So why do you need to buy a travel insurance policy? Well as we said before, these are items that MAY be covered with your credit card. What’s covered and the amount or extent to which it is covered is dependent upon the type of card you have. Additionally, for the trip to be covered, you need to have booked it using your credit card. Based on your situation, there are a number of reasons why travel coverage with your credit card is not enough. You may want to purchase a separate travel insurance policy:

Epidemic Related Cancellations

Well no one saw 2020 coming, that’s for sure. But now that we’ve been there, we know better, right? Credit card companies don’t typically include epidemics as a covered reason to cancel your trip. Quite honestly, very few companies offer this as an insurance benefit but we did find a blog that mentioned a company who does offer Epidemic Insurance. It’s called Atrio Travel Assist.

You or Someone In Your Family Has A Pre-Existing Condition

If you or someone in your family requires care for a pre-existing condition, it likely won’t be covered by your credit card benefits. If you have a chronic illness, you want to search for policies that cover pre-existing conditions and be sure that your specific pre-existing condition is covered.

Repatriation Coverage or Non-Medical Evacuation

Your credit card benefits may cover medical evacuation but it may not cover your need to be evacuated or to return to your home country for reasons outside of medical evacuation. The pandemic is a good example of times when people have needed to be evacuated for non-medical reasons. However, take care to read closely. Even non-medical evacuation benefits may not cover every type of evacuation you might need. For example, some policies don’t cover evacuation from an area that had a travel warning when you booked your trip.

You Want Cancel For Any Reason Coverage

A cancel for any reason policy will cover almost any eventuality. Most cancel for any reason policies cover only 50% to 75% of the trip costs. Note that these policies tend to be a bit more expensive but for many, they are worth the peace of mind. Pay close attention to whether or not it’s being offered, many companies have stopped offering cancel for any reason policies temporarily as a result of the pandemic.

Hopefully now mama, you’re armed with enough information to decide if the travel coverage with your credit card is enough.

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