September 8th is International Literacy Day and to celebrate, we’re sharing a few of our favorite travel themed books for little readers!

International Literacy Day was founded by UNESCO in 1966 in order to “remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.” This holiday is meant to bring awareness and ownership of the challenges of illiteracy back home to local communities as this is where literacy begins- one person at a time.

One way to improve literacy is to create a “literacy rich” environment in your home, your child’s school and in your community. This means that children and adults have ample access to many different types of reading materials. Today we’re going to highlight some of our favorite travel themed books for little readers. You can purchase a few of these books to help build up your child’s personal library at home, or you could purchase a few to donate to a school or library in your community in honor of International Literacy Day!

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Travel Themed Books for Little Readers

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go is a classic children’s book by Dr. Seuss- but it’s a great read for people of all ages! It’s all about the joys of traveling through life and can inspire a sense of adventure in just about anyone. It’s a great book to read to little ones who will love the rhyming and fantastical adventures. It’s also great for older kids and even adults who are about to embark on a new journey in life.

A Day at the Airport

A Day at the Airport is an old school classic by Richard Scarry. Kids can learn all about what it’s like to travel through the airport by following along on the adventures of their favorite Richard Scarry characters. It’s a great book to read to little jet-setters, especially if they area heading to the airport for the first time!

A Day at the Airport

Line 135

This is another travel themed book that is great for all ages. It follows the journey of a young child taking a train to see their grandmother. Leaving the big city and entering into the countryside, the young child realizes there’s so much more to the world than what they know- and on the journey they make the decision to see the whole wide world someday!

A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

Kids will just love the rhythm and rhyme of this beautifully illustrated story. Mr. Magee heads out on a camping adventure with his dog Dee. The trip starts out smoothly, but then all sorts of silly shenanigans ensue! Together with their camper, they plunge down a mountain and find themselves teetering precariously on the edge of a giant waterfall! It’s a great story for little ones who might be going camping for the first time- and for kids who are seasoned campers and know that sometimes things go a little bit wrong!

All Aboard Series

These board books are great travel themed books for the very tiniest of readers! With books exploring locations throughout the USA (including a great National Parks edition), the series also takes little ones abroad with books on Paris and London!

Good Night World Series

The Good Night World series is one of the most prolific series of boards books for little ones. There is a book for just about every country and state in the US, plus every country and major city around the world. The colorful illustrations help children say goodnight to all the major tourist attractions in each location. Just be careful- once you start buying books in this series, you’ll want to buy ALL of the books!!!

My Little Cities Series

The My Little Cities Series doesn’t have nearly as many books and locations as the others listed above- but the books they do have are fantastic. They’re great for introducing little ones to new places they’ll be visiting- or for simply inspiring wanderlust among little readers! Here’s to hoping the author adds more cities to this great series!

The Magic Tree House Series

The Magic Tree House series is fantastic for elementary age kids who are ready for short chapter books, though younger kids will enjoy having these books read to them too. Each book follows Jack and Annie on an adventure in a new location. Not only do they travel across the globe, but they also travel back in time! One of the things we love most about this series is that each book also has a corresponding “Fact Tracker” that is a non-fiction companion to the fictional story books. Kids love the engaging adventures of Jack and Annie and when they ask for more, the fact trackers are right there to teach them all about the locations Jack and Annie have visited.

This is obviously just a short list of a few of our favorite travel themed books for little adventurers. If we missed your favorite travel themed book- drop it in the comments to share with others looking to build up their libraries!!

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