Summer is for road trippin’! Honestly, anytime the kids are out of school is a good time to hop on the open road. There are so many moms in our Wandering Moms Facebook Group who fall within the spectrum of novice road trippers to road warriors all the way to moms who have chosen to live their life on the road.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, we hope this list provides insight or reminders about the things you should do before you hit the road.

The Wandering Moms Pre-Road Trip Checklist:

⛶ Double check that your car insurance and registration is up to date

⛶ Check your car’s oil level and transmission fluids to be sure you aren’t running low.

⛶ Check your tire pressure and determine if you should put air in your tires before you hit the road

⛶ Check your spare tire to be sure it has no holes, you also want to check the air pressure on it

⛶ Make sure you have jumper cables or a portable battery charger (and it’s charged)

⛶ Get cash out of the ATM. It’s always a good idea to have cash on you.

⛶ Buy a paper map. We know it seems pointless but just in case your phone dies or you don’t have a signal to get a GPS, paper maps are a reliable back up

Download your map route, again just in case you find yourself in a dead zone where you don’t have a signal, you’ll still be able to use the map.

⛶ Download your Spotify playlist or Audiobook from the cloud to your phone. It’s super annoying to be rocking out to tunes, then lose your signal and you’re now riding in silence.

⛶ Check your roadside assistance to get clear on what it covers. If you don’t have a roadside service like AAA, you may have SOME roadside assistance through your car insurance or possibly even your credit card company.

⛶ Check out the Wandering Moms Road Trip Essentials Guide to make sure you have everything you need for your trip!

We hope you and your family are safe and truly enjoy your time on the road together! It’s such a great way to bond and create memories. Don’t forget to share a few snaps of those memories and tag us on instagram @Wanderingmoms!

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