Hitting the road for spring break? Surely you’ve got your favorite road trip jams, but if you’re facing a long drive with the kids and can only handle Kidz Bop dor so long, you’ll want to consider adding a couple of these family-friendly podcasts for road trips into your rotation as well! Some podcasts are purely for entertainment- and for kids that generally means fantastical storytelling- while many podcasts focus on teaching and learning, but in a really unique way that will hold kids’ interest on the road. They’ll be learning as you pass the time and they won’t even realize it! There are ALL sorts of family-friendly podcasts for road trips out there- but here are a few of our favorites!

Family-Friendly Podcasts for Road Trips

Wow in the World

This is hands-down one of our favorite podcasts to listen to in the car. Wow in the World is a NPR podcast- it’s actually one of NPR’s first attempts to get into the kid zone. It’s safe to say they NAILED IT. Wow in the World is hosted by Mindy and Guy Roz and together they answer questions kids have about science, technology, and amazing inventions. It’s hard to say whether Wow in the World is more of a story-telling podcast or an educational podcast because it hits both marks perfectly. Kids will learn all sorts of incredible things about science while they’re just having fun listening to Guy and Mindy chat it up!

Brains On!

Got a question about how the world works? Brains On! will answer it for you! Brains On! is another science podcast that answers questions about science and how the world works- but this podcast is hosted by kids. Each episodes has a new child host answering questions sent in by- you guessed it- kids! You can learn everything from how spiders build their webs and how carnivorous plants eat to how the GPS tracks your car and how elevators work!

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Remember that scene from the movie A Christmas Story where Ralphie runs home to catch the code shared on his favorite radio show? Our kids may never know what a radio show is- unless you introduce them to the Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd! This podcast is modeled after old time radio shows and comes in 5 minute episodes (don’t worry- there are PLENTY of episodes!) Dr. Floyd, the World’s Most Brilliant Scientist, battles his arch-nemesis Dr. Steve in these zany adventures that often feature famous historical figures as guest stars! Their adventures are so wacky and the storytelling so engaging that kids will be begging for more!

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a kid-friendly science-fiction podcast hosted by a father and son duo. Eight year old Finn lives aboard the Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station where he and his friends venture out to explore space and battle the occasional space alien. The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a great fantasy story for younger kids because it’s missing the weapons and violence that you’ll often find in sci-fi stories written for older kids.

Circle Round

Circle Round is a storytelling podcast that features myths and folklore from around the world. Because many myths and folklore include more than their fair share of aggression and violence, the creators of Circle Round re-shape these stories to reduce violent themes for little ones. Circle Round is a great podcast for exploring myths from all different cultures and folklore from all around the world- all delivered in a kid-friendly fashion.

But Why?

Got a kid who asks “But why?!” all day long? Yeah, we do too! If you’ve got a long day on the road, turn on the But Why? podcast and let someone ELSE answer that question for awhile! But Why? is an awesome podcast where kids call in with “But Why?” questions and host Jane Lindolhm consults with various experts to get the answers! The questions cover a wide range of topics, but we can pretty much guarantee they’ll cover at least a handful of your kid’s favorite “But why?!” questions!

The Past and the Curious

Got a little history lover? Then the Past and the Curious is sure to help you pass time on the road! This is a podcast that explores “unusual or unsung” stories from history- so it often uncovers stories that even adults have never heard of, which makes it a fun learning experience for everyone in the car. Different actors join each episode to act out the historical stories and each episode is accompanied by a professional music score which really brings the stories to life! The show has a trivia quiz at the end that is packed with fun-filled history trivia, so everyone is sure to learn something!

History Chicks

History Chicks is geared towards adults, but the hosts know they also have a large audience of younger people, so if they’re covering a topic that might be sensitive for little ears- they’ll give you fair warning at the beginning of the episode. History Chicks is a history podcast, but it’s not your typical white-washed history lesson written by old guys. In fact, it focuses on FEMALE historical figures and delves into a lot of history you (and your kids) didn’t learn in school. We’re big fans of women’s empowerment and we’re also big fans of teaching our kids a more accurate view of history- so History Chicks checks all the boxes!

Story Pirates

The Story Pirates are a group of teachers, comedians, musicians, and actors who take story submissions from kids and act them out. The podcast will often bring in some famous folks who help turn kids stories into skits and songs. That’s right, these stories are written BY kids! If you’ve got a creative kiddo with a giant imagination, they’ll love hearing these stories authored by kids just like themselves. Parents will enjoy this too- because the stories are hilarious and the acting is quite impressive too!

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