About Wandering Moms

Wandering Moms is a group started in July 2016 by three single mothers who decided to make passport stamps a house rule.  The group held an information session with 6 people in Atlanta to discuss traveling and living abroad with children.  Since then, the group has grown to over 9,000 members.  The group provides support, encouragement, tips, and friendship to other moms who travel or desire to travel with their children.  The group also hosts meet-ups around the world. During Easter weekend, over 70 Wandering Moms and their children descended on Washington DC to tour the White House, the Capitol, and host an Easter Egg Roll.  Wandering Moms are encouraging mothers to literally give their children the world.

12512450_10101260631237141_5558749994282159347_nLibryia Jones is a single mother of a 14-year-old soccer player. Each year, she and her daughter embark on a trip out of the country. This year, however, she sent her daughter away to Brazil to spend the summer with her best friend’s family.  Libryia travels without her daughter often as well, having visited 7 countries in 2015.  As if that weren’t enough, she recently decided to pack up her daughter and move across the globe for one full year.  To facilitate this move, she launched a company called My WanderYear to cultivate a community of 30 people who lived in a new location around the world every quarter for twelve months.  What’s more is children were welcomed on the trip!   The website is www.mywanderyear.com.  Libryia’s story has been featured in Black EnterpriseMadame NoireBlavityXoNecole, and Bossip.


12783665_10207685575071062_8005873492581769366_o (1)Tanai Benard is inspiring so many mothers to live their dreams.  In 2013, she moved her three children to Abu Dhabi build her American Dream outside of America.  While abroad, her children were able to learn Arabic, excelled in school and sports, and traveled the world.  Since returning to America in 2016, she has continued to maintain a goal of granting her children a new passport stamp every 100 days. You can follow the adventures of 4 Deep Around The World at their website TanaiBenard.com  Tanai has been featured on the Huffington Post,  Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, Mater Mea and Washington Post,

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