If your little jet-setters want to celebrate their love of travel this Halloween, we’ve got you covered with these cute and creative travel themed Halloween costumes for kids! These are all homemade costumes, but they’re pretty easy to make. Kids can help put their own creative spin on the designs which adds to the fun of making a homemade Halloween costume- and they’re sure to wow with and of these fun costumes!

Travel Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids

Airplane Pilot

The Traveling Child has an awesome post on How to Create DIY Travel Themed Boxtumes with a step by step guide for making this super cute airplane pilot costume out of Amazon boxes!

The Traveling Child- Airplane Pilot Halloween Costume
Visit The Traveling Child to learn how to make this super cute airplane pilot costume!


The Twitter account @ucbstudyabroad shared this amazing (and simple!) costume design for a wearable passport. Just cut out a piece of cardboard to hang over your child’s neck with some string, paint it navy blue, and add some lettering to turn it into an official passport! If you’re crafty, you can freehand the lettering, or you can find someone on Etsy who can vinyl print perfect lettering for just a few bucks. Either way, your little passport will be ready to trick-or-treat around the world!

Travel Themed Halloween Costumes
Photo courtesy of @ucbstudyabroad

Where’s Waldo?

June and January put together a list of items you’ll need to put together this adorable Where’s Waldo costume. But really, any red and white stripped shirt, blue pants, black rimmed glasses and backpack will do the trick! This DIY costume is an easy one to piece together- and before you know it, your little Waldo will be ready to head out on his own adventures. But good luck finding him in a crowd of trick-or-treaters!!

Where's Waldo Halloween Costume
Head over to June and January for tips on putting together this easy Where’s Waldo costume!

Hawaiian Snow Globe

Costume-Works featured this DIY Hawaiian Snow Globe costume on their website and it’s truly spectacular! You’re on your own in regards to designing this costume as it doesn’t come with any instructions, but a little creativity should do the trick. We’ve seen other snow globe costumes made with clear umbrellas for the globe- add a grass skirt and some flower leis and you’ve got a great travel themed Halloween costume!

Travel Themed Halloween Costumes- Hawaiian Snow Globe
Hawaiian Snow Globe Costume featured on Costume-Works

Carl Frederickson- Up

Is there anything more adorable than a toddler dressed up as an old man?! Up is one of our favorite travel themed movies and it translates into the perfect DIY travel themed Halloween costume! Use some PVC pipe and tennis balls to make the walker, find some suspenders and glasses, then add some colorful balloons for the final touch! You’ll find all sorts of inspiration for this costume- but our favorite comes from a costume gallery shared by PopSugar!

Travel Themed Halloween Costumes- Carl Fredrickson Up
An adorable little Carl Fredrickson featured on PopSugar

Tacky Tourist

Gravetics featured this fun tacky tourist costume in their article 10 Inspiring and Quirky Costume Ideas for Travellers and it’s a DIY costume that just about any travel loving family can throw together easily! Find a Hawaiian shirt, add socks and sandals, a fanny pack, and a camera and you’re good to go! You can really go overboard with the creative accessories for this costume- so let the kids have fun with it!

Travel Themed Halloween Costumes- Tacky Tourist
Tacky Tourist Costumes featured on Gravetics

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