COVID-19 seems to be changing EVERYTHING – the way we work, the way our kids learn, the way we dress before we leave the house, the way we clean.

It’s cancelled travel plans, graduation plans, spring break and it will certainly affect the way we celebrate Mother’s Day this year. 

We have a few ideas on some unconventional gifts for moms that just might be able to make up for this mother’s day being sort of a wash.

1. A Virtual Therapy Session

Ok, you’ll have go be careful how you deliver this gift to momma. Please don’t have her thinking that you think she’s lost her mind (even though she likely has and that’s ok)!

But there is nothing wrong with empathizing on how big her job already is and how exponentially bigger it has gotten since the pandemic happened.

She may need some time to let it all out with someone who is unbiased, who won’t judge her, and who’s feelings won’t be hurt by her unleashing her unfiltered feelings. This might be the release she needs. 

2. An Online Course

One thing most moms do that the people around her don’t quite realize (and sometimes she doesn’t even realize) is focus on the growth and development of everyone around them while negating their own.

Often, mom’s interests fall on the back burner while she plays a supporting role for everyone else’s interests. Why not support mom this mother’s day and invest in her growth and development in something she’s interested in – could be a photography class, a calligraphy course, or even a course on digital marketing or entrepreneurship!

3. The Day Off

It saddens me a bit that this would be considered unconventional. Many folks just assume we want to spend our Mother’s Day with our kids. Here’s a newsflash for you – the one day a year set aside to honor all of our hard work is the day we don’t want to do that work. You don’t want to work on Labor Day do you!?!

Seriously, what we moms want more than anything on Mother’s Day is the day off from momming! If you can devise a way to give mom 2 hours or even the entire day to herself, you will be a hero! If you need some help coming up with ideas, we shared a few in another blog post

4. A Do Over for Next Year

Another option is to promise her that next Mother’s Day will be incredible!

You could reserve her space on our 2021 Mother’s Day experience in Cape Town, South Africa

Each year, Wandering Moms takes a group of mommas on an incredible trip with no kids allowed so that we can celebrate ourselves as women and honor Mother’s Day by being OFF DUTY!

Our annual Mother’s Day Experience is far more than a trip. It’s self-care, it’s sisterhood, it’s a space to lay down all of our titles and just be ourselves. It’s the therapy we need and the boost to get us through another 365 days of the biggest job we will ever have!

We may be a bit biased when we say Mother’s Day is one of the most special days of the entire year. Ok, we’re totally biased. But come on, moms are QUITE special. Here’s to hoping the mom in your life gets to feel special this Mother’s Day.

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